1 Million Steps. 1 Team.  1 Month. 1 Mental Health Charity



Our goal was to walk 1 Million Steps by the end of June. We nailed it! 

All of us find times when we need a helping hand, a voice of assurance or a little support. When we're under extreme pressue or in fear of mental crisis this support can have a huge impact on our lives and is often overlooked, not only in our sector but in many others.

We owe a huge ammount of thanks to everyone who supported our team and made a donation. We were able to exceed our fundraising target which was amazing and we're truley thankful to everyone who parted with a few quid in what our tough times for us all.

At Fuse we're passionate about creating positive attitudes toward mental health in our industry and we're proud to support EVENTWELL.

Fundraising for EventWell goes a long way to supporting the essential annual campaigns and educational programmes they run as the Mental Health and Wellbeing Voice of the Event Industry. They help to support the one in three event professionals who are struggling with their mental health every year.


EVENTWELL are the Event Industry’s charitable social enterprise dedicated to educating and campaigning for better mental health and wellbeing in events, equipping event professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to stay event well.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Voice of the Event Industry

To make tangible change to the Event Industry’s relationship with wellbeing


EVENT WELL work in partnership with event industry associations, national and international events and exhibitions, universities and colleges, to deliver free education that creates better understanding, challenges discrimination, and encourages open conversations on wellbeing and mental health in the event industry.


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