We don't organise standard off-the-shelf celebrations, in fact we're quite conscious about who we work with in terms of clients, venues and suppliers.

If you’re planning a dinner, wedding or other celebration and want to make it sustainable, use a full roster of social enterprise suppliers and host it at a truly ethical or green location then we want to hear from you. We want to help you create a moment of celebration that also creates genuine positive impact.

A truly memorable celebration (or wedding!) is all about bringing the clients ideas and personality to the fore and ensuring that every moment throughout the event happens on cue. But it's also about being at the right location, at the right time in an atmosphere which is special to you. We try and help all of our clients create moments which are special to them and create memories they will remember forever. 

We're passionate about helping our clients create special moments which also help the planet and our communities. We can help you to... 

  • Find ethical and sustainable venues 
  • Work with B-Corp and Social Enterprise suppliers 
  • Provide innovative and sustainable production solutions
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your celebration
  • Eliminating single use plastic and wasteful event practices 
  • Helping you make a postitive impact through your celebration - it feels good to do good! 

Our experienced team can assist with every detail of your event and we'd love to help you make your sustainable celebration a reality.

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