Fuse News: Farewell

30th July 2020

After 7 incredible years, I’ve taken the decision to step down from my day to day role as CEO of Fuse Events, effective from September 1.

 It has been the biggest honour of my career to be part of this amazing social enterprise, and see Fuse grow from just one member of staff (me), to the team we have today, managing events all over the globe and creating positive social change at the same time.

 This success wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support of the most loyal group of clients, suppliers and, of course, the wonderful team at Fuse. Thank you to you all.

 At Fuse it will, essentially, be very much business as usual. John, Rose, Sarah, Simran and Sonia will continue to be the core team. Thanks to the support of our clients, despite COVID, we’re in strong shape to start again when lockdown eases. Our social marketing events schedule has been bumped back, but over the next 3 years we’ll be running behaviour change conferences in the UK, Colombia, Greece and New Zealand.

 In addition to the core team, I’ll remain as a consultant for Fuse, so will see and speak with many of you as we start planning and attending events in the future. I’ll also become the first Trustee of Fuse Events, as we continue to deliver, measure and improve, our social mission.

 During lockdown we’ve been working on ways to improve measurement of our social impact, expanded our social enterprise supply chain, and created new systems to run environmentally sustainable events. And, of course, are working on plans to safely run live events while COVID is still with us.

 As for me, I will be around until September, and then I’m going back to full time education for a few years, but staying very close to the Fuse team as we get back to work.

Best wishes and keep safe.


Matt Wilson
30th July 2020


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