Catch22 Group ‘InspirED’ conference, an inspiration to us all

4th July 2018

We love planning events that are out of the ordinary and make the most of all our event management skills, and that is exactly what we got when we were signed up to be the supporting event management team for the Catch22 Group Conference ‘InspirED’.

Catch22 are a social business that ‘works at every stage of the social welfare cycle to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.’ So a perfect fit for Fuse as a social enterprise organisation.

This event was to bring together their various teams from around the country, to meet face to face and learn more about the leading projects in the group.

There was no venue finding required as it was to take place in the Community Links building, once the historical Canning Town Hall. Many famous faces have inspired the masses in these walls – Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst, Keir Hardy, Daisy Parsons and Will Thorne to name just a few!

The brief was to create a free flowing festival vibe that made everyone from all corners of the country and organisation feel comfortable to learn and take part. It was an event ‘for the people by the people’.

The challenge for Fuse was to make a structured and successful event with an unstructured feel, work within a space that is not typically built for an event such as this. We love a challenge! Working closely with the Community Links team, who had to vacate their desks to make way for the marketplace, and the Catch22 team who brought in 500m of bunting, we all of course made it happen! People spilled out of rooms that were small but the speakers were popular, burgers and ice lollies were eaten in the sunshine and wonderful signage helped everyone find their way through the rabbit warren of rooms! Not to mention the amazing playlist created by the attendees blaring from speakers throughout the day. The Greatest Show always inspires me!

The post event feedback was inspirational.

From our client‘Team – Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work and problem solving today. Feedback from attendees has been so excellent already. You’ve made some very hardworking charity folks very happy!’.

From the attendees‘Amazing conference! Met so many amazing people and learnt so much already. Well done Beth and the team for organising something so relaxed, fun and inspiring’.

‘Relaxed. Fun. Inspiring. Our work here is done!’

‘We are very proud to have been involved in such a great event and look forward to 2019!’

Catch22 Mission Statement: ‘Our vision is a strong society where everyone has a good place to live, a purpose and good people around them, no matter what their background.’

Richard Brooks
4th July 2018


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