Fuse owns and manages the largest Social marketing Conferences in the world. Social Marketing isn’t the same as Social Media (Twitter and Facebook), its been around a lot longer and, put very simply, is using Marketing for Social Good (e.g campaigns to improve health, smoking cessation, tackling poverty, environmental change etc).

European Social Marketing Conference

Our European Social Marketing Conference first took place in Lisbon 2012 when, working with the European Social Marketing Association, we gathered 150 of the sectors most influential change makers and made platform for them to make real, positive change. The event has continued to grow, and after a successful conference in Rotterdam 2014, we’re moving […]

World Social Marketing Conference

Our biggest “Change” event!  Every two years we bring together practitioners, academics and policy makers from across all sectors, and from around the world, for the World Social Marketing Conference. The event delivers content that attendees can learn from and take home with them to help make real, effective and long lasting positive change. Delivery […]