Jabra Global Kick Off

The Challenge

Bringing together 400 sales and marketing staff from around the world, for a 3 day conference in Europe. The location of Prague has akready been selected when Fuse was appointed. Our job was to create a setting for learning and celebration for the diverse audience.

The Solution

Utilising the extensive meeting space at the Corinthia Hotel Prague, we created an event design that communicated throughout the venue and the event as a whole.

To have some fun we created a Spy Game where groups of 10 had to solve clues around the city to earn their supper. Street performers, ipads and a cast of actors were all used to help the teams solve clues around the city, and also see the wonderful sites. The culmination of the evening was a raucous evening in a traditional Czech Beer restaurant.

For the final evening we took our guests to the incredible Zofin Palace for a gala dinner and Oscars style awards ceremony. High spec production and a superb live band was the perfect end to 3 days of hard work and fun for our 400 guests.

"Thank you for the best time ever, you guys just made it happen!"

Irene Poulsen Jabra